Personalised coaching advice in real-time from the brain inside your sneakers.

Samsung’s in-house start-up Salted Venture is unveiling its IoFit athletic shoes at the MWC in Barcelona this year with the aim of improving your sport performance from the feet up.

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Iofit are designed, thankfully, to look just like an ordinary pair of rather nice gym shoes, except what’s hiding inside them is far from normal. The soles are packing accelerometers and numerous pressure sensors that cleverly measure your vertical variables like posture, balance, weight shift, ground contact force, and centre of gravity.

All of your stats get beamed to an app in your phone in real-time, where they’re used to provide manageable, actionable feedback in the form of pressure maps, charts, and advice. They can recognise individual sports and tailor their feedback accordingly too, which goes for running, weightlifting, and even golf.

If you want to go much deeper, you can even film your workout and overlay the footage with the data from IoFit, which will help you better understand bad habits that the shoes pick up on, like that heavy-footed jog you’re prone to breaking into. This feature is also handy if you’ve got a real-time coach who could remotely watch the footage and evaluate your form.

There’s no set launch date or ballpark cost for IoFit just yet, but Salted Venture will be showcasing the shoes at the MWC between February 22nd and 26th.