The Right Cup is a scented cup that tricks your brain into thinking water tastes like a deliciously sweet fruit drink.

Updated: The Right Cup blasted past its funding goal in January and is now available for pre-ordering on Indiegogo, for $27, with an estimated delivery/release date of July 2016.

Packed with the same FDA approved fruit flavours you find in normal drinks, The Right Cup is specially designed to bring a range of refreshing fruity tastes to your palate. There’s just one thing. You’re only drinking water. How?

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It’s common knowledge that flavour isn’t just about what you can taste on your tongue. Smell also has an important part to play. That’s why when you’re bunged up with a cold, you can barely taste your cough mixture (thankfully). But most people probably don’t know that our sense of smell is responsible for 80 per cent of the taste experience. Suddenly the humble nose seems a lot more important.

Here’s how the cup works. All of the flavour in The Right Cup is injected into the actual cup – not its contents. When you take a swig of water from the cup, you’ll catch a whiff of the cup’s fruity aromas. This sends signals to your brain that make it think it’s drinking something flavoured. And in turn, your mouth will think it’s actually tasting it.

Don’t believe us? Check out this video of unassuming folk falling victim to the cup’s trickery:

It’s simple, yet genius. The Right Cup’s makers hope it’ll encourage people to drink more water and stay hydrated, while steering clear of the unhealthy downsides to flavoured drinks. The water you drink from The Right Cup will always be 100 per cent water, without any of the added sugars, preservatives, carbs, sugars, or calories you get in flavoured drinks.

Speaking of flavours, The Right Cup comes in four tasty varieties. You can enjoy orange, mixed berry, lemon and lime, or apple. Or at least, you can think that you are. Is anything real anymore? Who knows.

One caveat we’ll add is that The Right Cup’s fruity taste only lasts around six months, provided you wash it by hand. When the smell runs out, you’re stuck with boring water again. And there’s no way to replace the fruity scent other than buying an entirely new cup.

The lowest early bird price to pre-order the scented cup is currently $78 (£51) over on its Indiegogo page. That gets you four cups and represents 30 per cent off the eventual retail price. That’s a decent sum to pay to effectively get brainwashed. Still, it’s one way to cut back the calories.