Want the convenience of an electric bike without all the unwieldy super-sized tech? Then look no further than SitGo. The shape-shifting e-bike that folds up in seconds.

At a glance, it’s clear SitGo isn’t your average electric bike. It only looks like half a bike, for a start, with a significantly larger front wheel that gives the impression it’s some sort of newfangled penny farthing.

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But that’s all part of the magic. With just three quick and simple steps, SitGo can fold up to a compact size so you can easily slip under your desk, in the car boot, or even into a suitcase.

It’s equipped with a few mod cons for a safer and more enjoyable ride too. There’s a rear lamp and two far-reaching front lamps for night-time traveling, a USB charging port to juice up your phone or MP3 player, and a handy rotating smartphone mount so you can fire up the sat nav while you cycle.

SitGo will carry you around 22 miles before its battery needs a boost, which is easily done with its home charging cable, or in a novel twist, through a car cigarette charging port. Charging takes four to five hours.

Its top speed is 15mph, which is the legal limit for e-bikes. Don’t be put off by that. While you won’t be burning rubber at the velodrome, 15mph is faster than it sounds. Especially if you’re a car driver. It’s strong enough to climb inclines under 15 degrees too, which is no mean feat for an e-bike.

You can get in line for a SitGo over at its Indiegogo page. It’s currently going for $469 (around £310).


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