It's the fuss-free, no-tears way to keep track of your child's growth from baby - to toddler - to big kid.

In the first few months of your baby’s life, tracking their weight is one of the key things that tells you they’re doing OK. But if you can’t weigh them easily at home, the run-up to their next weigh-in can be worrying and stressful. If you want to take control, the Withings Smart Kid Scale could be the answer.

A Bluetooth scale with a removable cradle, the Withings Smart Kid Scale lets you weigh your baby yourself for complete weight-logging and, in some cases, early detection of obesity or undernutrition.

When you put your baby in the comfy cradle, the scale will instantly send their weight to the Baby Companion app on your phone, where you can log, track and view charts of your baby’s weight. If it’s a more general picture of your baby’s growth you’re after, the app also lets you manually input bottle feeds and you baby’s height.

Withings Baby Companion app

The Baby Companion app lets you log milk intake, height and weight for a wider picture of your child’s growth.

And because babies are tiny and every gram counts, the Withings Smart Kit Scale offers incredible accuracy for weights up to 55lbs. What’s more, if baby is wriggling, the scale’s Position Control tech will warn you they’re fidgeting and the reading could be compromised, meaning you’ll always get the most accurate results possible.

Want to carry on tracking your child’s weight when they outgrow the cradle? Just remove it and have your toddler or small child step onto the scale.

You can buy the Withings Smart Kid Scale for £149.94 here.