It reads your body movements and gives you personalised feedback in the moment on how to achieve the perfect pose.

Think tech and zen don’t mix? Think again. SmartMat is a connected yoga mat that puts a virtual yoga instructor right under your feet.

By taking you through a series of movements to calibrate your body shape, size, and personal limitations via an app on your phone, SmartMat becomes attuned to your body, and can detect when – and how – your pose needs improvement.

YogaMatThe app will then kindly guide you through a two-step process to correct your poses; first checking your alignment, then “zooming in” for minute balance corrects to help your reach you very own “Perfect Pose” state.

Once you’ve achieved it, the app gives you pointers on breathing techniques and pelvic floor exercises that can help maximise your pose.

SmartMat smart yoga mat

As time goes by and you start to master some of those poses, SmartMat will recognise that you’re improving and continue to tailor its feedback to your ability level.

There’s even a range of yoga classes within the app offering different yoga styles, with additional classes available to purchase in the SmartMat Marketplace if you fancy something a little different or challenging.

SmartMat smart yoga mat

In case you’re partial to a bit of hot yoga, SmartMat can handle temperatures up to around 43 degrees and isn’t afraid of a bit of sweat. Just be careful of your smartphone, though – you might want to invest in something to protect that.

If you want to be one of the first to get your hands and feet on a SmartMat, it’ll set you back a cool $397 (around £325). It’s pre-orders only for now via SmartMat’s online shop.