The world's tiniest heads-up display is now right in front of your eyes while you ride.

Looking for a cycling computer that won’t add unnecessary bulk to your ride? Solos goes one better than that. It’s the world’s smallest heads-up display that floats in front of your eyes.

Currently plugging away at their funding goal over on Kickstarter, Solos are augmented reality sports glasses that make all kinds of handy cycling stats hover in front of your eyes during your journey. No extra gadgets to clip on, strap on or fix to your bike frame – just a sleek, aerodynamic pair of sunglasses that nobody – apart from you – will know are stacked with some seriously smart tech.

Solos are calling that smart tech a Vista Pupil display. It’s basically a tiny – and we mean minuscule – heads-up micro-display embedded into the glasses’ lens that sits at perfect eye level. With an army of smart sensors, that display can show you ride data like speed, cadence, heart rate, power zones, calories burned, distance travelled, elevation and more.

For hands-free convenience, the glasses even have dual microphones and speakers to let you make calls while you ride. Because they’re positioned in the arms a small distance from your ears, you should still be able to hear ambient sounds like traffic while you’re on a call. There’s also a vocal separation feature to sharpen voice clarity when there’s lots of background noise.

Solos in action

The tiny display won’t disrupt your view of the road ahead.

There’s some fun to be had with the Solos app too, which lets you delve into a post-ride data dashboard, access an activity monitor, see activity details, graphs and charts, and track your ride routes and distance travelled on maps.

Of course, it would be no good if Solos protected your eyes from bright sunlight but left its own tech vulnerable to glare, so that incy-wincy heads-up display is designed to stay nice and sharp under strong rays. Those lenses are a low-density military-grade  thermoplastic-polyamide nylon blend, so they’re pretty durable too. On a full tank of juice, the smart specs will power on for around 6 hours.

Solos are well on their way to nailing their funding goal, but there’s still plenty of time to place a pre-order. Prices start at $250 (£170) – which is an incredibly reasonable price given the glasses are expected to hit $500 (£340) at full retail price.