Keep your money safe from travel fraud on your next trip abroad with O2's clever new Travel Alerts service.


Worried about the security of all of your hard-earned savings every time you jet off on holiday? From now on it’ll be the last of your concerns thanks to O2’s brand new Travel Alerts service.

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The service, which O2 has already trialled along with credit card provider MBNA, will use your phone’s location when you’re abroad to make sure all transactions carried out on your card are safe from travel fraud.

From now on, when you use your card to pay for something when you’re on holiday, Travel Alerts will use your phone’s location to determine if you’re in close range of your bank card. If, any unwarranted transactions happen to go through that are in a different location to your phone, your bank will instantly receive a nudge to investigate it.

Travel Alerts also means that rather than having to go through the faff of notifying your bank every time you plan to leave the country, all you have to do is simply opt into Travel Alerts. Your bank will then be automatically notified that you’re abroad when your O2 phone detects that you’re roaming outside of the country.

Another plus of Travel Alerts is its ability to detect whether a false positive decline is about to go through. A false positive decline is basically when a bank’s fraud detection system gets a bit over-sensitive and prevents a customer from making a transaction with their own card. Not that we’re complaining about uber-strict fraud systems, but that can be pretty annoying – not to mention embarrassing – when it happens out of the blue.

Of course, the entire system depends on you having your phone on at all times, so you’ll have to take extra care to make sure it’s juiced up nicely when you’re travelling, but it’s a small price to pay for avoiding the hell of card fraud.

Oh, and you’ll also have to be an O2 customer, obviously.

O2 is working on launching Travel Alerts in time for summer 2016, so watch this space.