This little music box called Soundbrake lets you zone out to music without missing any important sounds of the outside world.

Want to block out the outside world and listen to tunes without missing the postman or any other important alert? Soundbrake can help with that.

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This is a little gadget that plugs into your headphone jack to let you hear ambient sounds through your music, but not all sounds. This clever box listens to what’s going on around you, and then cuts out the audio when it thinks there’s something you need to hear.

How it works is pretty simple. You either set Soundbrake to pipe through sounds that are louder than the average sound level, or louder than the loudest sound heard. You calibrate it to wherever you listen, basically.

It’s simple and smart at the same time. But when might you use it? We can think of a few situations. Perhaps you want to listen to music or play games through headphones, but don’t want to miss the courier due to turn up later. Or maybe you’re a runner who doesn’t want to miss out on any louder-than-average traffic noise.

You need to be aware when you’re out on the street, after all.

Maker Sundae Electronics says the Soundbrake will last for up to 100 hours off a charge, making it pretty darn convenient. The only bit you might want to consider is that while small, it’s still an extra box you need to plug into your phone, tablet or music player.

Still keen? You can snag a Soundbrake for $49 over at Kickstarter, where it’s looking for funding at the moment. And has already met its goal, in fact.


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