Touted as the "bike with a brain", the SpeedX Leopard is a lightweight aero bike that captures real-time data on the road.

If you want to see crowdfunding site Kickstarter doing its finest work, look no further than the SpeedX Leopard by Californian start-up SpeedX. With over two weeks still left to rack up its $50,000 target, the bike has already garnered over $1.5 million from its 800+ backers.

And when you check out what’s behind the handlebars of the SpeedX Leopard, it’s no wonder the campaign is drowning in cash. The lightweight T1000 military-grade carbon-fibre bike features an onboard computer that records 12 types of cycling data when you’re out for a spin, beaming the stats to a 2.4-inch screen between the handlebars in real-time.

Alongside the standard information like your speed, lap time, GPS and distance, the SpeedX Leopard measures your heart rate, calories burned, altitude, power, slope, and even taps into the weather conditions. As the data feeds through to the screen, the computer provides you with professional analysis on your ride, a feature SpeedX calls XCoach.

To keep things streamlined and discreet, all of SpeedX Leopard’s wiring is looped neatly out of sight within the bike’s frame. The frame, front fork and seat post manage to weigh in at a mere 1.2kg, which is around half of a standard bike. In keeping with its smart innards, the bike also has a responsive light that automatically turns on in dark conditions.

SpeedX promise a battery life of around 800KM (around 500 miles), which equates to about 40 hours of cycling. A full charge on takes 30 minutes, which is good news, and is simply done by plugging a USB cable behind the seat post.

The other piece of good news is SpeedX Leopard’s price tag. Its early bird pre-order prices start at $1,299 (£920) which, as SpeedX points out, isn’t so hefty when you consider the bike’s competition. The other two bicycles with full-integrated wiring are the TREK Madone 9.2 at $5,999 (£4,260) and the Specialised Venge Pro ViAS at $8,200 (£5,820).

You can pre-order the SpeedX Leopard here. Shipping to anywhere in the world is expected to begin in July.