Ditch the stress and breeze through life with a little more zen.

Touting itself as your new personal wellness coach, Spire is a tiny pebble-shaped wearable that uses your breathing data to sense your stress levels, and sends you a gentle reminder via an app on your phone to give yourself a moment.

It clips onto your belt or bra to monitor every breath and step you take using it’s smart sensors. By listening to your body’s rhythm, Spire claims it can tell when you’re calm, focussed, or in a total tiz, and help train you to become less of a stress-head.

SpireWhen it notices, for instance, that you haven’t taken a deep breath in a while, it’ll gentle vibrate, and send a notification to the app saying, “You seem tense. You haven’t had a deep breath for ten minutes”. Then, it’ll guide you through some short breathing exercises to help you find your happy place. Aaaaand…relax.

Spire claims it’s much more than simply a relaxing tool, though. As well as reducing tension, controlling your breathing can also lower blood pressure and increase endorphins, which are responsible for making us feel all lovely and euphoric. Yes please!

spire-appYou can track your evolving state of calm in the app, which lets you see exactly at what time of day you were stressed, where it happened and what you were doing. The app also gives you daily and weekly reports about your mood levels and even throws in a customisable inactivity alert, which tells Spire to give you a gentle kick up the bum when you’re being lazy.


Spire is really easy to take care of. It comes with it’s very own cork-rimmed charging plate for juicing up wirelessly, has a substantial 7 days of battery life on a single charge and is waterproof, so there’ll be no disastrous washing machine encounters.

It’s also a pretty little thing, with a 2014 National Hewitt Design Award in the bag. Bonus.

If you’re loving the idea of a tiny therapist strapped to your belt, you can buy Spire for $130 (around £100) from Amazon.