Because anything you stick in your mouth should probably at least smell nice.

The humble toothbrush has been our loyal friend since its inception. And what we do with it? We shove it back in that grime-ridden toothbrush holder every day, leaving it rot in its own germy hell until the next time we need it. And then we stick it in our mouths like slovenly slobs with scant regard for its – or our own – hygiene. Gross.

Luckily, Steripod is here to help us see the error of our repulsive ways. A simple clip-on toothbrush protector packed with active vapours, Steripod freshens and protects your toothbrush for three long months. It’s quick to snap on, is much less hassle than toothbrush sanitisers, and last but not least, is the accessory that your poor old toothbrush has long deserved.

If you’re sold on the idea of Steripod for your toothbrush, don’t stop there. You can also get a Steripod protector for your razor, which works in exactly the same way, but also stops your razor getting clogged with bathroom detritus or inadvertently slicing up your soap in your wash bag.

You can grab Steripod for both toothbrushes and razors from Amazon, with prices starting at around £4 for a single Steripod clip.