This x-ray gadget wants to expose the parts of your body that are in danger of sun damage.

Ever got a tan – or worse, sunburn – in the weirdest shape because you didn’t apply sunscreen properly? If so, you’ll appreciate this magical Sunscreenr device.

Now it’s tempting to call all tech these days ‘magical’, but in the case of Sunscreenr, it definitely feels fitting. Sunscreenr is a tiny camera that lets you see exactly where on your body you’ve applied sunscreen – and where you haven’t. And amazingly, it looks like it genuinely works.

Here’s what happens when you look through Sunscreenr. Like a normal camera, you’ll see a real-time view through the lens, and you’ll even be able to record short 30 seconds videos. But when you look at a person through it, any skin protected by sunscreen will appear noticeably darker, almost like they’ve applied a full-body mud pack:

Sunscreenr Sunscreen Camera demoThe gadget’s x-ray trick is down to a special custom-made lens and a UV-responsive sensor. Along with image processing algorithms, this enables the camera to remove all light except the part of the spectrum that sunscreen absorbs.

There’s even a tripod/selfie stick mount on the base to make it easier to bare all in front of the camera, and it’s sturdy and waterproof too. You could, if you wanted to, set up a makeshift Sunscreenr by the pool to easily check at a glance that your family is adequately lathered up with the factor 30.

It’s also going to be a hit on the beach when pesky sand and sea water exfoliate away your sunscreen.

Sunscreenr smashed its funding goal on Indiegogo at the end of June, but it’s still taking pre-orders for worldwide shipping in December. The current lowest price early bird deal is a painless $93 (around £70).