A pool-time tracking wristband for beginners and pros alike.

Swim tech is certainly making a splash of late, what with the amazing XMetrics tracking head strap. Swimmerix is another new face hoping to dive in at the deep end to log and track every lap in the pool.

A durable wristband with twinkling LED signal lights, Swimmerix connects to a tiny base station that clings to the pool tiles using a suction cup. Packing a series of tiny sensors and wireless comms, Swimmerix can accurately track all manner of data while you swim, then send it to an app on your phone for analysis.

As well as stats like heartbeat, speed, and lap time, Swimmerix can also track your swimming efficiency score, or SWOLF (strokes per minute plus your length time) in real time. The band sends all of this data to the base station, which in turn beams it to the cloud before saving it in Swimmerix apps on your phone, or even on your coach’s device.

In Swimmerix’s various apps, which we’re assured will be available to download soon, you’ll be able to track all of your swimming data over time as you progress. You’ll also be able to set training programs based on variables like your age, weight and fitness level, and focus on improving different areas like strength, fitness, health, and endurance.

The band itself is made from plastic and silicone, with waterproofing to protect all the tech. It’ll eventually retail for $180 (£130), but it’s currently up for early bird grabs at $99 (£72) from Swimmerix.com.