All cats are semi-evil and probably have access to an underground bunker where evil plans are hatched. It's time to bust them wide open...

There are some things that come with being a cat owner that you can never change. Headless rat carcasses on the doorstep, furry creatures sitting on your head at 3 AM in the morning, and unprovoked ankle attacks when you’re dozing off on the sofa.

But one thing you can do something about is your cat’s tendency to go AWOL. And intervention for straying moggies is here in the form of Tabcat – a handy little radio tracker that spells the end of Sergeant Snuggles’ weekend mini-breaks to the neighbour’s garden shed.

What’s different about Tabcat to other pet trackers is it doesn’t use GPS and maps on your phone. Instead, Tabcat relies on Radio Frequency Identification (or RFID) to locate your pet. For this, the Tabcat tracking device comes with two components: a handset, and the tiny lightweight radio device itself that clips onto kitty’s collar.

Tabcat device and trackerLocating your missing cat with Tabcat is simple. The handset uses the signal it picks up from the tracker to illuminate a series of red, amber and green lights, which help you work out which direction to take to be reunited with your cat. Red tells you you’re in range, amber indicates you’re getting closer, and green means you’re about to hit the jackpot.

The Tabcat tracker has a range of up to 122 metres, and can guide you to within 2.5cm, which should more than cover the relatively small area outside your garden where your cat likes to roam. Tabcat’s makers even claim it’s accurate enough to find out where your cat might be hiding inside the house too.

There’s also a handy Locate button on the handset which some of the more patient cat owners might consider making use of. When pressed, it makes the cat’s collar beep to tell them to come home. Obviously, getting your cat to understand what the beep means will require a spot of initial training, but apparently 70% of Tabcat users said it worked on their discerning cat.

For multiple cat owners, a single Tabcat handset can work with up to four Tabcat trackers. You can grab a starter pack containing one handset and two Tabcat trackers for just £69.99 from