You can skip along to buy it from Apple in-store or online as of this week.

If you like skipping (and we mean really like skipping), you can head to an Apple store from this week and blow £70 on a smart skipping rope that will make your jump count float in mid-air.

It’s called the Tangram Smart Rope, and it’s made by a New York start up called Tangram Factory. The rope is already available to buy from Tangram Factory, but Apple has now decided to peddle it to tech-loving hoppers and skippers for its iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch compatibility.

tangram smart ropeThe main allure of the Tangram Smart Rope is its levitating jump count, which comes from the rope’s embedded LEDs and magnetic sensors. Your illuminated jump count appears fleetingly each time the rope passes in front of your face, which is useful, we suppose, if you want to stick in some headphones and focus on some music, or you’re just rubbish at keeping count.

If you’re skipping as part of a serious get fit mission, the app on your iThing tracks your fitness from the rope and beams it all to an app. Post-skip, you’ll be able to access stats like calories burned and workout time, as well as get tailored interval training sessions, virtual rewards and competition opportunities with friends as little motivators.

You can even sync the rope with Apple Health Kit app to add your jump stats to your overall diet and fitness logging.

Buy the Tangram Smart Rope now from Tangram Factory’s website or from Apple in-store and online.