If you grew up in the 90s, the notion of smart jewellery probably recalls fond memories of a watch that lets you feed your Tamagotchi, or a mood ring that changes colour with the temperature of your finger (not with your moods, as marketing had us believe).

But the new wave of smart jewellery is so much more powerful, with designer wearables fusing tech and fashion to change the way we get notifications, manage our schedules, and generally live a healthier life.

Netatmo JuneNetatmo June

Protect your skin and look glamorous in the process with this bejewelled bracelet that alerts an app on your smartphone to UV danger levels.

With built-in UVA and UVB sensors, June measures your sun exposure and sends real-time alerts to your phone telling you if you should wear SPF, what factor you need, and whether you should wear a hat or sunglasses.

June is personalised to your particular skin type through the app settings, enabling it to estimate your recommended daily UV dose and tailor its alerts accordingly. If you reach your daily UV dose, June will send a warning to your phone.

June’s faceted metal jewel can be worn on a double leather strap, or on a silicone band for your morning jog.

June is £118.


Wristify is the first ever designer bracelet that has the ability to cool or warm your skin at your command.

With an integrated thermostat, Wristify measures your body’s temperature and sends cooling or warming waves to thermoceptors on the surface of your skin to keep you comfortable.

Activate Wristify any time, any place, by simply hitting its button and enjoying its soothing temperature vibes. Wristify works on the principle that when directed onto just a specific section of skin, the waves gives a body-wide sensation of thermal comfort – much like dipping your toes in cool water on a hot day.

To top that off, Wristify is a gorgeous piece of smart jewellery, glowing blue when it cools you, and warm orange when it heats you up.

Jump on the Wristify mailing list to be one of the first to wear it.


No more fumbling in your bag for your iPhone with Kovert’s range of digital jewellery that delivers your notifications through a gemstone centrepiece.

The Altrius range includes bracelets, pendants, and rings set with a rectangular faceted stone that houses Bluetooth connectivity, a vibration motor, and sensors. The gemstone emits a gentle, discreet vibration when a notification comes through.

With an iPhone app, you can create different profiles to filter alerts for holidays, work, weekends, or whenever you want some tech-free time away from your phone. You can even have your gemstone alert you when your chosen keywords pop up.

The battery is charged using a USB cable, and Kovert claims it’ll stay powered up for three weeks at a time. The jewellery itself can be customised in sterling and gold-plated silver.

Prices will range between £180 and £360. Join the waiting list to be the first to wear the Altruis range.

MIsfit ShineMisfit Shine

This modular sleep and fitness tracker comes in the shape of a neat little aluminium disc that can slot into a range of accessories to monitor your activity levels.

Misfit connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth to let you see your step count, calories burned, distance travelled, and sleep stats. You can also keep a daily food journal within the app.

It’s water and heat proof, and best of all doesn’t ever need charging. Its battery lasts for a whole six months before you need to pop in a new one.

Misfit will clip into a number of tailor-made Misfit accessories, like a leather wrist band, a necklace, and a glamorous Bloom pendant for evenings out. You can even wear it on a Misfit Sport Sock or Classic Tee while you work out.

Misfit Shine comes in a range of colours for $69.99 (£45).

Tory Burch FitbitTory Burch x Fitbit

American fashion designer Tory Burch has paired with Fitbit to produce this ultra-chic collection of accessories to house your Fitbit Flex fitness tracker.

Fitbit tracks your step count, calories burned, active minutes, ad sleep patterns, and wakes you up with a gentle vibrating nudge instead of a shrill alarm tone. As usual, it sends all your stats to an app on your phone to help you monitor your activity levels.

With the exclusive Tory Burch accessory range, your Fitbit can transform into a sophisticated Aztec-inspired pendant or bracelet that wraps around and conceals the tech for times when you want to be a little more discreet, or simply just look uber-fabulous.

Tory Burch accessories range from £35 to £135. Make sure you grab a Fitbit Flex first for £99.99.


Get your notifications through a hand-cut precious or semi-precious gemstone with Ringly’s line of connected rings.

Ringly will vibrate and flash when you receive a notification from your favourite apps on your phone. Feel the buzz when you get a text, Facebook comment, a tweet, or even a diary reminder. You can customise the notifications that come through via the app, and even change the vibration patterns.

There’s a choice of five irresistible colours, with the option of 18K matte gold or rhodium-toned plating.

Prices for a Ringley start at $195 (Around £123).