Tech Tats are micro-chipped tattoos that live on your skin and send your body's vitals to your phone.

Monitor your body’s vitals like temperature and heart rate with these micro-chipped tattoos that transmit your stats to your phone via Bluetooth.

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Tech Tats are the conceptual brainchild of Texas-based design and development company Chaotic Moon. And although they’re still in the prototype stages, the company hopes that Tech Tats will be the next biowearable to keep your health in check.

At a glance, Tech Tats look like a regular piece of body art. It’s not until you get really close that you notice the slightly more protusive surface. This is because they’re actually packed with a bunch of minuscule chips, an ATiny85 microcontroller, and are penned with electroconductive paint instead of ink.

Much like a fitness band like Jawbone or Fitbit, the chips inside your Tech Tat will gather your bodily vitals and send them to your phone. The microcontroller will act as the Tech Tat’s memory store, keeping all of your data safe until you sync it with your phone.

As well as being an insanely cool spin on health wearables, Chaotic Moon hopes that Tech Tats will also be a handy tool for healthcare professionals.

The company suggests that instead of rocking up at the surgery for your yearly physical, you could just regularly transmit all your data from your Tech Tat from your phone to your doctor. If they notice a cause for concern, they could then call you up to discuss action.

Because Tech Tats are non-permanent and will probably be applied via a first-aid-style disposable plaster, they’re completely child-friendly. This means that parents could detect early signs of fever, and begin treatment before a full-blown illness rears its ugly head.

The great thing with Tech Tats is that, unlike wrist-based fitness trackers, they could pretty much live anywhere on your body. Chaotic Moon also aims to make them low-cost, with the option to buy them in bulk, much like a box of plasters.

The company is also playing around with inserting ambient light sensors that illuminate LEDs in your Tech Tat when it’s dark, which could make for a seriously cool night light.

We’re not sure if, or when, Tech Tats will become the next big breakthrough in biowearables, but if you’re ready and raring to get inked up, you can keep an eye out here.


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