Live up a tree with your mates in this awesome Tentsile Stingray tree tent.

Always fancied living more at one with nature? Now’s your chance with this three-person Stingray tree tent for the aspiring arboreal nomad.

With its three webbing straps and ratcheting buckles, Stingray can be suspended in the air between a trio of trees – or other large anchors like trucks, columns, and boulders – to act as a makeshift treehouse for parties of happy campers.

Stingray’s interior is a super-cosy little nest, with a triple hammock set-up protected by rip-resistant insect mesh for keeping its lofty dwellers bug-free – not to mention the fact that you’ll be in mid-air anyway, so ground bugs are safely at bay.

Tentsile Stingray tent purple skiyFor protection from the elements, there are waterproof PU-coated fly sheets to stop any moisture seeping through into your hammock. You can easily roll the front door sly sheet back to peep at the jaw-dropping view beyond the tent any time you like. Or if the wind picks up, you can stay nice and toasty by folding all of them below the tent to make a windbreak and thermal buffer of air underneath the hammocks.

How will you get in the tent in the first place? Good question. Via a drop-down rope ladder that leads into a central floor hatch, is how. That front door we mentioned is mainly just for a touch of fresh air and view-ogling, but you could probably climb in that way if you’re agile enough and the tent isn’t too far from the ground.

Tentsile Stingray insidePossibly the coolest thing about Stingray – aside from the whole living in a tree thing – is the ability to turn into an epic multi-storey treehouse. Add some standard hammocks (sold separately) to the three corner D-rings, and Stingray can accommodate up to nine people over three floating tiers. We think you’ll agree that’s far more awesome than any gigantic ground tent.

In even better news, at £445.84, Stingray isn’t going to break the bank. Granted, that’s a touch pricier than the average 3-berth, but can you float in mid-air in one of those? No, you certainly cannot. Head over to to buy it for your next adventure.