Whip up the perfect blend with this sophisticated smart bottle.


Update: Teplo has been fully funded and is now available for pre-ordering from Indiegogo, with a estimated shipping date of October 2016.

Brewing a perfect cup of tea is about so much much than simply sticking a teabag in hot water and wiggling it about a bit with a spoon. It’s pure alchemy. And this Teplo bottle is where the magic starts.

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Currently stirring up attention over on Kickstarter, Teplo is a sleek glass bottle with a bamboo lid that’s hiding a smart brain for tea-making. Beautiful, isn’t it? With a thermo sensor, heater, and Bluetooth chip, Teplo can help you blend, brew, and heat the perfect cuppa exactly how you like it.

The process begins in an app on your phone (iOS and Android), where you tell Teplo what kind of tea you’re putting in it, how strong or weak you like it, and other taste variables. After you’ve poured in water, Teplo will heat up to just the right temperature for your brew, and then tell you when it’s time to start sipping the good stuff.

If you don’t drink all of your tea straight away, Teplo will keep it hot for up to four hours. Even if you leave it sitting on your desk to save for later, you can still enjoy gazing at your perfect potion through the bottle’s glass exterior.

Teplo wants to help you discover new and exciting types of tea too. You can browse and order premium teas from all over the world, and search for new leaves according to your health, taste, and flavour preferences.

The bottle runs on rechargeable batteries that will last all day on a single charge. Early bird pre-order prices start at $34 (£25).