Beretta Gunpod 2 is a smart shooting system comprising an app and an on-board Bluetooth shot-counter that connects your gun to your smartphone to let you captures images, video, and stats from your hunting session.

Gunpod 2’s patented on-board Bluetooth shot-counter sits inside the stock of your shotgun, connecting with your smartphone to transmit all of your hunting stats in real time to the companion smartphone app.

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Shot count, location, photos, and videos are all displayed in the app like a virtual hunting diary, with your shots ‘pinned’ to the map, and hunting statistics broken down by cartridge type and load, with ability to filter data for each of your shotguns, should you be using several.

It’s easy to add the visual highlights of your shoot with Gunpod 2. Just use your phone as normal to capture photos and videos, and either add them to your shot stream straight away, or upload them later.

The app also works as a safety tool for your hunting session by tracking your location using your phone’s GPS and giving you the option to instantly share your location with rescue teams if needs be. To do this, tap the app twice to make a phone-call to a preset number, and then swipe to share your GPS position.

The Gunpod 2 unit will stay powered up for more than 5,000 shots, with a standard CR1620 battery that you can buy cheaply at most hardware shops.

The Gunpod 2 app is available to download for free for both iOS and Android, and can be used independently from the Gunpod 2 as a manual way of logging your hunting statistics. You can buy the Gunpod 2 unit for a Wooden Stock for $99 (around £64), and the A400 Lite/Shadow for $119 (around £77) from