BleepBleeps are a family of colourful parenting gadgets that connect to an app on your phone to help you get pregnant, give birth, look after your baby, and bring up your child with some seriously smart tech.

Designed to look like they came straight out of the toy box with quirky shapes, playful names, and even happy faces, these anthropomorphised gizmos are there with you from the very beginning, from when you’re trying to conceive to when you’re raising your kids in a busy household.

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Olivia P Sticks and Master Bates are first in line, and there are no prizes for guessing what those guys are for. Olivia P Sticks comes with disposable paper pee sticks to show women when they’re ovulating via a calendar on an app on their phone. Likewise, Master Bates handles sperm count, telling men if their sperm count is high or low, and providing tips for improving fertility.

The rest of the BeepBeeps gang handle pregnancy and beyond. There’s Ultra Stan, the ultrasound pregnancy scanner that lets you see your unborn baby in real time on your phone, and the aptly-named David Camera, the all-seeing eye of the nursery that acts as a baby monitoring cam to let you keep watch over your little ones via a phone app.

For when your kids start to get active, there are some nifty BleepBleeps to give you peace of mind. Sammy Screamer is a motion alarm that bleeps and sends a notification to your phone when stuff moves. Hang him on door handles, the cookie jar, or cupboard doors to know as soon as little hands start to stray.

Cecil G is a location tracking watch for your child to wear, and Lily Loco is a smaller GPS device that you can chuck in a school bag to keep track of your child’s whereabouts via a phone app.

Sammy Screamer is now available from the BleepBleeps shop at just £29, and the rest of the BleepBleeps parenting gadgets will be appearing soon.


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