As the evenings draw in, our thoughts turn to...cycle lights. In the city they’re utterly vital, out of town merely a legal requirement, but these lights add a few little touches you’ll not have seen before…

Updated: you can now get your Icons from its website, prices starting at £80.

First up, the rechargeable Cree LED lights have a companion app, which once paired with will keep you posted about charge levels, so no more dead lights before the commute home. It’ll also tip you off if your parked bike is disturbed due to built-in motion sensors. Finally, if you forget to turn your lights off and walk away they’ll automatically switch off once your phone is out of range.

The Sense Icon is waterproof, burns for 15 hours straight and is also road-aware, which means it’ll get brighter and flash faster when you’re at a major junction. That’s pretty clever.

So how much will one set you back? Well, good news and bad – the lights are currently a Kickstarter project, and a £74 investment gets you front and rear versions.

That was the bad news – the good news is that Sense is a proper company that already makes the excellent See.Sense light. They’ve already started making the Icon, and it’ll begin shipping in November.