Fancy an extra decade on this planet? Perhaps you should try one of these MvBii wearables...

It’s a tall order for a pair of wrist wearables, but their maker MvBii seems confident they can pull it off. Say hello to Z-Track and Z-Zap, the lifestyle trackers that could extend your life by 10 years.

The clue with Z-Zap and Z-Track is in the name – they’re not you’re run-of-the-mill activity trackers, but ‘lifestyle’ trackers. That is, instead of simply monitoring your activity throughout the day and encouraging you to hit 10,000 steps, the wearables aim to make sure you get enough rest and sleep too, keeping a healthy balance to your daily routine.

On a basic level, this should make you feel fitter, healthier, and happier. But the true reward, MvBii claims, could realistically be an extended life expectancy of 10 years if you combine your balanced lifestyle with other sensible measures. The company has a big name to back up its claim too, thanks to its close work with David Hewson, professor of Health and Ageing at the Institute for Health Research at the University of Bedfordshire.

So what does a life-boosting wearable do? Starting with the Z-Track, this modular tracker is designed for absolutely anyone who wants to get healthier. It tracks activity and rest patterns, letting you set targets in a companion app (iOS and Android). An activity balance screen helps you identify lifestyle habits that are good for you, while a diary lets you see the wider picture.

As a fun bonus, Z-Track also doubles as a remote control for music and selfies. It also sucks up messages from your phone. If you don’t like being tied down to a wrist-based wearable, you can also pop the module on a pendant necklace or pebble carry unit. You can grab it for £44.99.

The Z-Zap, meanwhile, is aimed at a younger crowd, including families who want to get more active without become fitness crazy. It’s got practically the same innards as Z-Track, with an additional photo diary feature. You can also play games with nearby Z-Zap wearers, trigger selfies, and control your music on your phone. The one caveat with Z-Zap is that it’s app is iOS only. Z-Zap is £37.99.