Power your bike lights with juice from your phone with these eco-friend SmartLuxx alternatives.

Bike lights can be a pain in the proverbial when it comes to battery life and reliability, and reflectors aren’t exactly fit for all conditions.

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But German start-up Smart Luxx wants to simplify cycling safety with a set of bike lights that cleverly use power from your smartphone to light up the road ahead.

The Smart Luxx system entails a smartphone mount that sits in the centre of your handlebars and wires up to lights on the front and read of the bike – including a red brake light.

It’s quick to assemble, and all you have to do every time you jump on your bike after Smart Luxx is in place is pop your phone into its holster and get pedalling. The lights don’t interfere with any of your phone’s functions, so you can still answer hands-free calls to Bluetooth headphones, use your favourite GPS apps, and all of the other handy in-ride features smartphones offer.

Speaking of GPS, one of the awesome features that’s places Smart Luxx a cut above your average bike lights is its GPS-controlled warning light. When you’re driving over a crossing, it’ll use your GPS position to active the light as a warning to you and other drivers in the dark that you’re heading towards a junction. Any road cyclists will testify that’s a huge boon.

If you’re driving in the daytime with your lights off, it’s still worth popping your smartphone in its holster, because Smart Luxx will activate the lights automatically when you’re driving under tunnels.

You’ll be pleased to heart that Smart Luxx is waterproof too, so your expensive smartphone won’t be in any danger perching up front with you on your travels.

We’re not entirely sure when Smart Luxx will be available for the masses, because it’s still being tweaked and perfected by its makers across the pond. You can keep tabs on its progress at SmartLuxx.com.