Next week is an important one for Back to the Future fans, with October 21st 2015 marking the exact date Marty McFly time-travelled to and rode on a hoverboard. Fiction is about to become fact, though, because it looks like Marty's hoverboard will, in fact, be there waiting for him.


Arx Pax, the Silicone Valley tech company that released a fully functioning Hendo Hoverboard last year, is about to unveil a new and improved version. With similar electromagnetic repulsion technology that levitates the board off the ground, Hendo 2.0 gives its rider better precision control, stronger hovering tech, and a slick new look that more closely resembles Marty’s own board.

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Nobody will actually see the Hendo Hoverboard 2.0 until its grand unveiling on the 21st, although you can expect something similar to the prototype picture above. Arx Pax actually enlisted Tony Hawk to consult on the design, so it’ll look more like a skateboard than its predecessor, with front and rear kick tails that are more sensitive to you shifting your weight around on the board.

Hendo 2.0 has slimmed down too, with a 36-inch by 10-inch board that should feel less like a giant hockey puck, and more like a futuristic skateboard, sans its wheels. Arx Pax have also made it quieter than its predecessor, for an overall smoother ride. Battery life is another improvement with Hendo 2.0, although quite how much extra time you’ll get is still to be determined.

What with Marty’s self-lacing Nike Air Mags heavily rumoured to be making a surprise October 21st appearance, our dream commute to work, McFly style, is inching, slowly but surely, closer.

Keep an eye on for the launch. You know when it is.


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