Get personalised training from Olympic athletes and monitor your progress with these awesome Kuai sport coaching and tracking headphones.

Ever wondered just how far you could push yourself if you had a world-class coach helping you train? Well, you don’t have to dream for much longer thanks to these Kuai headphones that put personalised voice training from an Olympic athlete in your ear.

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Part Bluetooth headphones, part fitness tracker, and part sports coach, the Kuai Multisport Biometric headphones want to roll all of your fitness needs into one handy headset.

Packing a heart rate sensor and accelerometer into one tiny earpiece, the Kuai headphones can monitor stats like VO2 max, calories burned, distance travelled, cadence, pace, and speed while you train, and beam them to the Kuai app on your phone via Bluetooth for analysis.

Using your stats and other personal data like your fitness level and goals, the app can help you formulate a customised workout plan to push you to reach your potential, and give you live in-ear coaching, progress reports, and stat updates from – yes, you heard us correctly – actual Olympic athletes.

Of course, we’re not just dealing with motivation for your weekly trip to the gym here. The Kuai app lets you download detailed training plans for running, cycling, swimming, marathons, and even triathlons, with personalised in-ear coaching tailored for your personal skill level in whatever you’re training for. The headphones are waterproof up to 3 metres and also shock-proof, so they’re primed for the multisport life.

As well as Bluetooth, the headphones are ANT ready, which is basically another kind of wireless tech that lets monitoring devices talk to each other. This means your headphones can receive data from devices like bike sensors and power meters as well as communicate with your phone or smart watch.

When they’re not cheering you on with motivating advice from a world-class fitness guru, the Kuai headphones double as your MP3 player, with 8GB of memory to store an entire library of tunes to keep you in the zone. You can also use them to take hands-free calls from your phone if you ever need to chat while you’re working out.

The impressive thing after all that is that the headphones can last for around 7 hours on a single charge before needing a juice up.

The headphones come with different earclips for different sports like running, swimming, and cycling, and can currently be pre-ordered for the discounted price of $149 (£104). They’ll eventually retail at $249 (£174).


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