Ladies and gentlemen (OK, maybe not so much the gents), there's a brand new fitness tracking garment in town, and it wants to support your workout in more ways than one. Meet the OMbra...

OMbra is a super-stylish sports bra that gathers a ton of health metrics while you work out in comfort.

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Made from stretchy, breathable fabric with adjustable straps, OMbra has a tiny black box on the band below the bust packed with flexible sensors and a Bluetooth chip. When you’re working up a sweat, the box gathers stats like your heart rate, breathing rate, and calories burned, and transmits them wirelessly to an app on your phone.

OMbra’s maker, a Canadian company called OMsignal, reckons that because the box sits at the core of your body at your ribcage, it’s able to get a better idea of the overall state of your body while you train.

This isn’t just handy for collecting super-accurate stats, though. OMbra uses your real-time data to tell your body what it needs. Pushing it too hard? OmBra will tell the app you’re ready for a breather. Likewise, if you’re not giving it enough oomph, OMbra will give you a gentle nudge to up your game.

This is all possible because of OMbra’s impressive ability to monitor not just your heart rate, but every breath you take too, both during and after a workout. It can also determine the pressure and timing of your steps, meaning it knows how fast you’re going even when you’re on the treadmill.

There’s extra good news for outdoor runners, because OMbra comes equipped with a location tracker that links to a special feature in the app called OmRun. OmRun enables you to measure distance, pace, breathing rhythm, and fatigue during a run, and the location tracker means you can save a record of all your favourite routes for next time.

OMbra is also splash proof, so you can go ahead and work up a sweat without worrying about drowning the tech.

You can pre-order OMbra for $149 (£100) from, with shipping set for Spring.

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