Apple Watch owners have woken up with one more reason to love their wrist kit this morning with the news that an exclusive wireless charging dock is on its way.

The official Apple Watch charging dock is finally coming, with the magical ability to juice up your Watch without the hassle of tangled cables or out-of-reach plug sockets.

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Until now, wearers of the coveted Apple Watch have had to make do with placing their smartwatch on a tiny, often-inconvenient plate to give the watch its daily feed. How undignified. But today’s news puts an end to the frankly degrading process of having to plug in your watch to charge it.

A slimline circular disc with a magnetic black charging puck in the centre, the dock oozes that trademark neat, minimalistic feel we all love in Apple products, with a single Lightning power cable peeking out of the side as its main power source.

To recharge your Apple Watch, you can either pop it flat on its back over the magnetic puck, or position it on its side to turn it into a temporary bedside companion.

The official Apple Watch charging dock is being released quietly in some Apple Shops, so if you fancy getting one, check out your local Apple emporium. We’re not sure about the UK price yet, but in Europe it sells for 89 Euros. Sounds like the perfect Christmas present for an Apple Watch owner, right?


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