Are you a serious thrill-seeker after some clever tech to track your risky missions? Then you don't just need a smartwatch. You need a proper 007 smartwatch...

When you set off on a high-octane adventure, the last piece of tech you probably think of taking is your precious, delicate smartwatch. But that’s because you haven’t met Tactix Bravo.

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Put simply, Tactix Bravo is a smartwatch that specialises in danger. Inspired by the needs of law enforcement officers and special operations teams, this fearless piece of wrist kit is equipped to fight the elements, track multiple sports, and help out on your various land and aerial-based missions.

And we’re not just talking a spot of GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring. Tactix Bravo is primed for the ultimate trek. With support for GLONASS (Russia’s uber-fast GPS system) and EXO omni-directional antenna, the watch can mark and store up to 1,000 waypoints for super-precise navigating, displaying two sets of coordinates at the same time for quick reference.

Not impressed yet? How about we throw in a jump tracker for good measure? Tactix Bravo has special software dedicated to three jump types; HAHO, HALO, and Static (oh, by the way, we meant jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air).

When you’re not trekking or parachuting deep into enemy terrain, Garmin says Tactix Bravo has a full multi-sport toolkit to give you daily tracking and advanced workout recording. It’s even got a Bluetooth function for controlling your Garmin action cam if you like recording high-adrenaline footage to share with your friends.

Sadly, the designers seem to have missed out the Moonraker dart gun or a Goldeneye-style laser cutter, but the Tactix Bravo is certainly made to last. It’s sapphire lens with diamond-like carbon coating will protect the screen from all manner of knocks and bumps, is visible in sunlight, and even compatible with night-vision goggles. Yes, night vision goggles actually exist.

In terms of battery life, it really depends how intense you want to get. In tracking mode, Tactix Bravo will power on for 50 hours. That’ll drop to 20 if you’re using the GPS training mode. Leave it to function as an everyday smartwatch and you’ll get as much as three weeks out of it.

Garmin Tactix Bravo will be hitting the shops early 2016, and at £549.99, it’s certainly not one for the faint-hearted. You can sign up here to be one of the first to get hold of it.

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