Lose weight while vegging out on the sofa with this fat-burning ice vest designed by NASA scientists.

Cold Shoulder Pro is a fat-burning vest that uses mild cold exposure to help your ditch the calories fast.

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Padded out with Cryomax gel that stays flexible and frozen for up to eight hours, the Cold Shoulder Pro vest promises to help you shed the equivalent of 500 calories a day, which equates to around a pound a week. That’s with zero exercise and maximum couch potato-ing.

In fact, the NASA scientist behind the Cold Shoulder Pro, Dr. Wayne B. Hayes, reckons the only real effort you need to make is in the thirty seconds it takes to remove the vest from your freezer and strap it on. After that, you can slob out as normal in your chilly attire and forget all about it. How’s that for the laziest weight loss program ever?

The science behind the Cold Shoulder Pro has been bandied about by scientists since the 1960s, and it’s really quite simple. The colder your body gets, the harder it has to work to burn the calories. In even better news, Dr. Hayes reckons that the vest becomes more effective over time as your body becomes accustomed to the idea of burning fat to stay warm.

Of course, as with most miracle weight loss solutions on the market, there’s bound to be a tiny catch. You can’t just carry on shovelling in the pie and chips and expect the Cold Shoulder Pro to magically banish the fat. Dr. Haynes says the vest is most effective when used alongside a healthy diet, and even better, alongside a good exercise regime.

You can pre-order a Cold Shoulder Pro vest from its Kickstarter campaign for $139 (£93), with shipping set for April 2016. If that’s too long to wait, you can always just opt for the cheap option and go outside in the UK without a coat on.


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