Take the ultimate stealth selfie on the go with this Stikbox iPhone case that morphs into a full-size selfie stick.

Prolific purveyors of selfies can now carry their most important weapon in their pocket with this Stikbox iPhone case complete with hidden selfie stick.

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Stikbox is basically a slightly chunkier case for your iPhone that houses a sturdy aluminium selfie stick. Gently pull at the corner of the case and the selfie stick will slide out smoothly, remaining connected to your phone to let you quickly capture a mug shot.

In all its glory the Stikbox selfie stick adds 28.3 precious inches to your otherwise mediocre arm length, with a rotating phone joint that lets you angle your phone for the perfect narcissistic panorama.

When you’re done with the stick, it folds back into the case neatly until you need it. It even doubles as a handy kickstand for when you want to prop your phone to watch videos, or audio-visual slideshows of your fabulous selfies.

The one downer is the case’s unwieldy build. It’s 17mm thick, which is more than double that of an iPhone 6. At 130g, Stikbox comfortable doubles the weight of your iPhone too, so be prepared to carry the full weight of your vanity in your pocket.

Still, never before has it been so easy to take a picture of your own face with the same expression against varying backgrounds, eh?

Stikbox is currently only compatible with iPhone 6 models, but its maker, an Israelian startup, hopes to announce a range for Android users very soon. You can pre-order Stikbox from Kickstarter for a cool early bird price of £19. It’ll eventually retail for £29.



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