Ulla is a smart water sensor that straps around your glass or water bottle to give you gentle reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Packed with movement, tilt, temperature and light sensors, Ulla detects when and how much you drink, and begins to glow if you forget to take regular sips, helping you to drink around one glass of water per hour. Its makers claim that with these regular reminders, Ulla will help minimise your risk of developing dehydration-related conditions such as chronic fatigue, slow metabolism and headaches.

Ulla runs on a battery and puts itself to sleep at night, so you don’t have to worry about switching it on and off, or fiddling around with any settings on any phone app. It will even automatically activate when, for example, you arrive at your desk in the morning – reminding you to fill up your bottle and take your first drink of the day.

With a strong silicone band, Ulla is designed to fit onto any glass or bottle, and because its reminders are subtle and silent, you can take it anywhere.

Grab your own Ulla smart water sensor for $29,99 (around £20).


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