Can your current sports bra give you a virtual pat on the back? We're guessing not. Probably time you got a MyZone Sports Bra, then...

Track your workout and get motivational feedback via an app on your phone with this awesome fitness-tracking MyZone Sports Bra.

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With a built-in sensor strap and clip-on MyZone fitness module, the MyZone Sports bra keeps close tabs on your heart rate while you work up a sweat, then sends all your stats to the MZ app on your phone for analysis and virtual rewards. No bulky chest straps, cumbersome fitness bands, or personal trainers yelling, “No pain, no gain!” in your ear. Just one incredibly smart sports bra that’s supportive in more ways than one (sorry).

There’s a cool twist to the embedded MyZone fitness tracker that makes the sports bra a little bit different from the other smart bras on the market (yes, more exist). Instead of closely scrutinising your every move with a step-counter, sleep-tracker, GPS, UV sensor, and all the rest of it, MyZone focusses on the one thing that really matters: how hard you’re trying.

The tracker uses your heart rate calculate how much work you’re putting into every activity by comparing its recordings to your max heart rate, then tallying up your effort percentage in the  app. It then rewards you with MEPs (My Zone Effort Points), which you’ll accumulate every minute you spend exercising in your personal intensity zone.

It records all of your MEPs and percentages on ‘Live Tiles’ in the app, which you can view and compare over time. Live Tiles also show calories burned, your heart rate, and your MZ nickname.

Your nickname’s important because the MZ app also gives you the opportunity to share and compare your efforts with your friends. MyZone wants its platform to be like a Facebook for physical activity, where you can comment on friends’ progress, share before and after pictures, snaps of your healthy meals, and more. There’s even a leaderboard to get your competitive senses tingling.

The bra itself is made from high-performance, sweat-proof fabric, with plenty of ventilation for all that hard work you’ll be putting in. It’s fully lined and supportive, so you can wear it as outerwear at the gym as well as an undergarment. The fitness tracking module can be removed when you need to throw the bra in the wash.

You can buy the MyZone Sports Bra very soon in black or red from for £49.99.


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