Shake your wrist to get an instant lifeline to your emergency contact.

The idea of smart jewellery is nothing new, but a new wearable has been unveiled at the MWC this year that puts a new spin on connected bling.

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Born of a collaboration between Scandinavian studio Jacob Jensen Design and Chinese safety company Eachpal, the Halo bracelet wants to keep you safe at all times by putting SOS alerts just a flick of the wrist away.

Tap Halo’s donut-shaped gem three times or shake your wrist three times, and the bracelet will automatically send a distress message to your friends or family no matter however far away you are. As an extra safety measure, the bracelet will also make your phone start recording audio the instant the SOS message goes out.

Although keeping you safe is the bracelet’s sole mission, it does throw in a few other handy features you’d expect in a wearable. You can decline calls from your phone by waving your hand over the bracelet, and even take selfies, access your music, and so on, with simple gestures.

Halo comes with its own app where you can customise which gestures are used for what, and obviously it’s easy to set up and change your emergency contact there too. The module’s battery life is a comfortable four weeks, and it’s no fuss snapping it out of the bangle and popping it in its wireless charging dock.

If you’re not keen on the idea of wearing a chunky wrist trinket, you can also choose to wear the module as a brooch, and there are interchangeable covers too in case you get bored of Halo’s look. It’s waterproof too, so it can withstand outdoor use.

There’s no firm launch date just yet, but you can expect Halo to be hitting the shops mid 2016, with two models priced at €149 (£116) and €199 (£155).