Jawbone has relaunched its range of personal fitness trackers with even more style and improved tech.

The UP2 has had a complete makeover, while the entire range is now available in 10 new colours and with a range of new functions via a free software update. Jawbone isn’t alone in upgrading their look and feel – some of the best smartwatches we’ve ever seen have been launched in the last few weeks.

Crafted by leading industrial designer Yves Behar, the Jawbone range now features Automatic Sleep Detection and the multi-sensor trackers UP3 and UP4 now add Passive Heart Rate monitoring.

This latter feature means that HR readings are taken throughout the day to give users a more complete picture of their heart health. The results are relayed to the Smart Coach app, available on iOS and Android.

Available September 8 The UP2 tracker by Jawbone is available in 6 new colors, 5 of which include an all-new strap design, for $99.99 on Jawbone.com