Want to achieve the perfect healthy summer glow while keeping your skin safe? My UV Patch will tell you exactly when it's time to slap on the sunscreen or hit the shade.

We might still be in the murky throes of winter, but that hasn’t stopped L’Oreal unveiling a new summer biowearable called My UV Patch, a plaster that forewarns you about harmful radiation from the sun.

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The tiny transparent plaster is loaded with photosensitive blue dye which changes colour in the shape of a pixellated heart when exposed to dangerous levels of UV. Because the plaster takes into account subtle changes in your baseline skin tone, the colouration of the heart will be unique to you.

To find out what your cryptic heart means, all you need to do is simply scan it with an app on your phone. The app will analyse the dye tone and tell you whether you need to lather on the factor 30 or hot-foot it towards the nearest sun umbrella.

Et voila! Radiant skin without a shade of lobster red in sight. L’Oreal also hopes that the tiny plaster will decrease its wearers’ risk of skin cancer, pointing to a study that reveals only 12% of Brits protect themselves from the sun all year round.

The real stroke of genius about My UV Patch is that it’s practically microscopic. This is because it’s what’s called a biowearable, which is basically a wearable that lives on your body like a second skin, rather than strapping on like a watch. Like this awesome fitness tracking tattoo.

It’s only half the thickness of a strand of hair, measuring one square inch, and it’s also flexible and stretchable, so it’ll move comfortably with you. L’Oreal recommends wearing it on the back of your hand for the best results.

The excellent news is that My UV Patch will be completely free. L’Oreal is launching the plaster through its skincare brand La Roche-Posay this summer, so there’s plenty of time to plan your next exotic getaway.


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