Ready to add some seriously cool tech to your 2016 get fit mission? Check out MyRun, the music-loving treadmill that matches your playlist with your running rhythm.

No slow ballads sneaking into your workout jam anymore. The new MyRun treadmill by TechnoGym uses the rhythm of your run to create a workout playlist to keep you focussed.

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With your tablet propped in the treadmill’s front holder and the MyRun app installed, MyRun will carefully track your unique running rhythm and choose the perfect up-tempo playlist to match your pace. Whether it’s a light morning jog or a full-throttle marathon, MyGym promises to choose the right tunes to keep you in the zone.

Not content with just keeping you entertained, the MyRun app throws in personalised training programmes and running feedback to help you reach your goals too. Taking into account how fit you are and how often you can train, the app will create a bespoke fitness plan that includes guided video programmes performed by top athletes.

MyRun also gathers metrics like your heart rate, calories burned, cadence, stride, and running efficiency as you run, and syncs them with the app in real-time to let you follow your progress. The treadmill’s adaptive surface will even measure your vertical displacement (how straight you run) to help you develop a healthy running style.

If you want to really ramp up your fitness tracking game, TechnoGym recommends strapping on the H7 Polar chest strap while you run, which will give you a more heart-driven workout when you’re doing advanced routines such as speed shift, high-low block, or interval training.

One extra little luxury is MyRun’s proximity sensor. When you approach MyRun, the sensor will tell it to switch on ready for your training session, and when you step off and walk away, it’ll kick into standby mode until next time. What a gentleman.

You can buy MyRun for £2,650 from, which seems a bit steep until you tally up the cost of that five-year gym membership you never used. Yep. We’re all guilty of it.

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