Pedal your way through immersive VR worlds with this VirZoom exercise bike that doubles as a game controller.

VirZoom is a foldable exercise bike that connects to your games console and VR headset to turn your get-fit mission into a virtual adventure.

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With a growing library of weird and wacky VirZoom games, you can now burn calories while pedalling your way through a tank battle, riding the dusty roads of the wild west armed with a lasso, or inhabiting the body of a flying horse. You can even fulfil your lifelong dream of driving a racing car, erm, as a dog. We kid you not.

VirZoom works using a series of wireless sensors that track your movements and speed. When connected to a PC or PS4 via a special dongle, it turns cycling movements into game actions, powering through your chosen VR game at the same speed at which you’re pedalling the bike. Action buttons on the handlebars act as extra gaming controls, meaning you don’t have to try and wield a gamepad while you cycle.

And because VR isn’t possible without a headset, Virzoom connects to major headsets with position tracking, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR to give you a 360˚ view from whichever fantasy creature’s head you’re occupying.

All of VirZoom’s games are free, but you can bag a low monthly subscription to get advanced features like online multiplayer, fitness tracking, and schedule building.

If you get in there quick, you might just be lucky enough to nab one of the early bird Virzoom packages for $199.95 (£135) from, which includes the VirZoom bike, unlimited access to all of the games and a lifetime Virzoom Plus membership.


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