Wilson X Connected is a smart basketball that tracks your shots and misses to help you perfect your game, like magic.

Fancy nailing sharp shots from beyond the arc and mastering free throws down the stretch? Or, like us, have no idea what any of that means and simply want to learn basic basketball skills? The Wilson X Connected Basketball can help out.

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With on-board smart sensors and a Bluetooth connection, the Wilson X Connected Basketball monitors all of your shooting stats and fires them to the Wilson X app on your phone. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you can easily track your shooting success rate and check your range to get a unique insight into how to improve your technique.

The app lets you choose from four game modes to add extra depth to your training, including a buzzer beater game that has you shooting against the clock, and a mode that pitches your shots against those of a virtual opponent. More serious players can challenge friends on social media and share stats with coaches for analysis.

You can check your progress in graph, chart, and stat form as you play, and the app will even simulate crowd noise, clock countdowns, horns, and other encouraging audio feedback when you’re shooting on point. Although this is probably only going to be handy if you’re playing in a quiet indoor court, or own a pair of Bluetooth headphones or speakers. And, of course, if you’re actually landing the thing in the net.

A couple of caveats worth mentioning are that Wilson X Connected only works with hoops with a net, and you can only shoot from outside seven feet, oddly. This sadly means no slam-dunks à la Michael Jordan. But on the upside, Wilson X Connected is smart enough to work without the need for any exterior sensors fixed to the net, or your body for that matter.

Its battery life is another boon, lasting over 100,000 shots, which allows for around 300 shots a day for a whole year. It has also managed to pack in all that tech and keep to regulation weight and size.

The Wilson X Connected smart basketball costs $199 (£132).


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