Get real-time feedback on every splash you make in the pool with this smart XMetrics swim tracker.

Fancy diving in at the deep end with some seriously smart tech in tow? This tiny XMetrics swim tracker fixes onto your swimming goggles strap to track and analyse your every stroke.

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With biomechanical sensors and advanced algorithms, XMetrics can relay real-time audio feedback to a tiny earplug about all manner of variables related to your swim. From lap time, count, and pace, to stroke count, rate, and intervals, XMetrics can juggle a whole host of handy stats that you’d otherwise lose track of in the water, and give you in-the-moment updates about your progress.

There’s a web platform too, in case you want to delve into your data a little deeper once you’re out of the pool and dried off. It’s called XMetrics Link, and it logs all of your swim sessions in handy graphs, charts, and insights to help you make sense of it all. It also means you can track your performance over time and program training schedules all in one place.

The device itself is a boxy little thing, but given it’s strapped to the back of your head, you probably won’t even notice it once you’ve hit the water. All of its tech including its speakers are – not to point out the bleeding obvious or anything – completely waterproof, so there’s no risk of inadvertently drowning it.

There are two versions of the tracker, depending on your skill level in the water. XMetrics Fit is for the avid hobby swimmer, and can do all of the above, whereas XMetrics Pro caters for the serious fanatics and athletes, throwing in features like the ability to share data with a coach, and breath count tracking.

Whether you’re a doggy paddler or a veritable human minnow, XMetrics is definitely worth a punt for the sheer range of feedback it’s capable of churning out under the waves. If it’s not telling you how far you’ve swum, it’s logging every calorie burned, the style of every stroke, and your SWOLF index. Yes, even your SWOLF. (That’s your strokes per minute plus your length time, by the way. We knew that…)

You can buy XMetrics Fit for €199 (£151), or XMetrics Pro for €299 (£227).


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