The Sensoria Smart Sock gives you toe-to-ear coaching with every step you take.

With fitness trackers these days keeping a close eye on everything from our heart rates, steps taken, speed, and all sorts of in-depth variables related to our body’s activity, it’s easy to overlook the little guys doing all the hard work – our feet.

That’s why it’s so exciting to meet the Sensoria Smart Socks, a clever pair of socks that tracks everything in between your heels and your toes while you work up a sweat. Whether it’s basic stats like how far and fast you ran, or more detailed insights into your cadence, heel strike and stride length, the socks can keep an eye on it all in real-time to give you in-ear feedback and coaching while you train.

The feedback from your feet is a lot more useful than you might think too – we’re not just talking a simple case of step counting and rhythm monitoring. The socks can analyse in great detail how well you’re running, tailoring your workout in real-time to the suit your body based on the impact of terrain, posture, cadence, and lots of other obscure variables.

This should hopefully significantly reduce your chances of getting injuries as a result of bad habits like excessive forefoot running, heel-striking, and other dangerous techniques. To make sure you don’t become a couch potato, the socks also use an inactivity alert to get you moving, bussing you’re phone when you’ve been sitting still for too long.

The magic secret to the socks is actually in the fabric itself. With conductive fibres running throughout, the socks are designed to work as a textile circuit board, collecting data from sensors dotted about the sock. Meanwhile, a lightweight and removable little anklet connects to the socks via tiny magnets and relays all of your foot data to the app on your phone via Bluetooth.

Both experienced runners and beginners could do a lot worse than popping on a pair of these smart little happy feet. You can grab them in four colours here for $199 (£138), which gets you two pairs of socks, one Sensoria anklet, a charger, and unlimited use of the app (iOS and Android).