Know your luggage is safe for your entire trip with this Airbolt smart lock.

It’s a lurching feeling too many of us are familiar with. You’re exhausted, you’re jet-legged, you’re in a strange country, and no matter how long you’ve been watching the empty airport luggage carousel go round, you can’t make your precious bag materialise from thin air.

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But thanks to the AirBolt smart lock with its Bluetooth and GPS innards, there’ll be no more emotional landings. With the ability to track, unlock, and check up on AirBolt from an app on your phone, you’ll always know that your luggage is safe, secure, and exactly where it should be.

A lock connected to your phone sounds a bit complicated, but AirBolt is actually incredibly straight-forward to use once you’ve performed a quick initial set-up via the app. From then on, every time you want to unlock AirBolt, all you have to do is visit the app, tap a button in the app, and AirBolt will snap open – just as long as you’re in Bluetooth range.

Here’s a video explaining how it works


Just how sensitive AirBolt is to being parted with you is completely down to you. There’s a geofencing feature in the app which lets you set distance controls, determining how far away AirBolt can stray before the app on your phone issues a warning alert.

For extra security, you can even set a security pin in the app, which would stop anyone else from being able to unlock AirBolt should your phone fall in the wrong hands. There’s also an alarm on the lock itself that you can activate through the app if you ever happen to part from AirBolt.

Plus, even if your trusty phone decides to lose battery or conk out, AirBolt has a little keypad so you can unlock it manually with your own pin.

Like most tracking devices these days, AirBolt relies on crowdsourcing once you’re out of Bluetooth range, which means that any fellow travellers who roam near your Airbolt will trigger its last known location to appear in the app on your phone.

The only tiny issue with this feature is that the other person has to have the AirBolt app on their phone in order for it to work, and their Bluetooth switched on. What with AirBolt being a brand new gadget, it’s probably not highly likely you’ll be crossing paths, but you never know when you might strike lucky.

AirBolt is compatible with most iOS and Android devices, and can be pre-ordered for 70 Aussie dollars, which works out at around £35.


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