For computer slouchers and anyone who walks like a lazy chimp.

The insufferable back ache that comes with bad posture and slouching could quickly be a thing of the past if TruPosture makes good on its word.

An ordinary looking tee packed with an array of sophisticated nano-sensors, TruPosture claims to know when your spine alignment is out of whack, and will send a gentle vibrations to the target area to help you correct your position.

TruPosture t-shirtThose nano-sensors can measure your spine’s movement with an accuracy of half a degree, and in addition to the spine-tingling vibrations to remind you to straighten up, it sends real-time feedback to an app on your phone. There, you can see a helpful graphical representation of your spine and easily track your progress towards becoming back pain free.

As well as being great for serial computer slouchers, TruPosture has different modes for standing, stretching, or a number of custom activities. It’s made out of fine machine-washable, breathable material that could be easily worn underneath a regular t-shirt or shirt.

TruPosture hit Indiegogo last year to reel in backers and is now available to pre-order. You can choose from a men’s sleeveless version, a women’s racer back tank, and a sleeveless version for kids. They’re all priced at $119 (around £97).