After some clever tech to help you get in shape? UA Healthbox is the ultimate bag of tricks to boost your workout.

Updated: UA Healthbox is now available in Europe! Get it here for £349.

On the ultimate mission to get fit and be healthier? UA Healthbox is a trio of fitness tracking gadgets that work together harmoniously to help you reach your fitness goals.

With an activity tracking band, HR chest strap and a set of smart scales all in one box, it’s the ultimate get fit toolkit for both beginners and experienced fitness freaks alike.

The main attraction in the box is the UA Band. It’s a sleek black fitness tracking wearable that lives on your wrist 24/7 to track your waking and sleeping activity, including workouts.

The band transmits all of yours stats to the UA Record app on your phone (Android and iOS), where you can set daily fitness goals and keep an eye on your progress.

UA HealthboxNext in line is the UA Heart Rate device, a compact HR monitor that slots into a comfy chest strap. As well as pinging your heart rate stats to the app, it also communicates with the UA band. When the band recognises you’re working up a sweat, LED lights will indicate your heart rate and the integrated display on the band will kick in.

The HR device also gives you a more accurate way to calculate calories burned during workouts, and it’s easy to toggle your HR zones in the app too.

Last but not least in the magic box is the UA Scale. As well as enabling connected weigh-ins for in-app weight tracking, it’s coated with conductive paint for calculating body fat percentage. Again, it’ll sync all your data seamlessly with the app so you can view your weight trends over time. It can also handle up to eight users, so the whole family can step on and manage their weight using their own profile.

The UA Healthbox is up for grabs from and for $499 (around £274).