They can adapt to changing light conditions in a split-second.

If you’ve spent a lot of time cycling on the road, you’ve probably experienced that temporary blindness when you hit a dark tunnel in your sunglasses, followed by that ultra-bright glare when your finally hit sunlight again.

That’s the kind of inconvenience that German eyewear maker Uvex is on a mission to crush once and for all. Equipped with some mind-blowing glass technology and a photocell light sensor, these all-weather Uvex Variotronic FF specs can adjust their tint in just 0.1 seconds according to the fast-changing light conditions around you.

Uvex Variotronic FF cycling glassesTheir adaptive magic is down to a clever partnership between that light sensor and whats in the lenses. They’re laminate of crystal, which gives them electrochromic abilities. That basically means they can change how much light they let in by clearing or tinting according to what the sensor is telling them.

They have a light transmission of 64% for dark places, while they will only allow 16% of light to pass through when they’re in the glare of bright sunshine. You can also manually activate them by tapping a button on one arm to flick between on, off and automatic mode.

Beats fumbling for your sunglasses every time you hit shade, we reckon.

The Uvex Variotronic FF cycling glasses are available in black or orange and white, and are rechargeable. Uvex isn’t currently shipping them outside of Germany from its online shop, but we found a pair here for £229.95.