It can instantly detect the levels of 30 of the most important vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Want to keep a super-close eye on your body’s health? You probably can’t get closer than Vitastiq 2 – a wireless vitamin and mineral tracking pen that beams readings to an app on your phone.

Vitastiq 2 is actually the successor to Vitastiq 1, which did pretty much the same thing, except you had to connect it to your phone via a mini cable. Vitastiq 2, however, is packed with Bluetooth to do its job wirelessly, and it’s also more efficient and has better precision.

Better precision for what, you might wonder? Using a method called electro-acupuncture, Vistastiq 2 tracks imbalances in the body through electrical conductivity measured at specific acupuncture points. In other words, its scans your skin to check the status of 30 of the body’s most essential nutrients. Pretty neat.

Vitastiq Pomegranate

Vitastiq 1 required a mini cable to pair with a phone, but version 2 has gone completely wireless.

From Vitamins A, B3, C, D and E, to Folic Acid, Manganese, Potassium and Zinc, Vitastiq can find the nutritional value of a wide variety of different nutrients inside your body and send a reading to your phone in seconds. Just dampen the tip of the device, find the measuring point on your skin with visual guidance from the app, and carefully move the tip of the Vitastiq between puncture points to scan for nutrients.

When Vitastiq has found the highest value, it will beam that reading to an app on your phone, where you can get personalised nutrition advice based on your levels. Over time, the app will identify trends in your readings to help give you the most accurate advice possible.

If you’re desperate to get scanning for vitamins, you can head over to Indiegogo and pre-order Vitastiq 2 for $99 (around £74). The wireless nutrient scanner hit its funding goal a few days ago, and should be on track to hit its worldwide shipping target of November this year.