Normally when you leave the doctor’s surgery or get discharged from hospital, your doctor’s insight into your health ends there. But with the latest wearable medical devices, it’s becoming possible for healthcare professionals to keep a closer eye on various conditions around the clock, all the while enabling you to go about your life normally. Check out these wearable devices that track heart conditions, help you kick smoking, and generally give you and your doctor a deeper insight into the relationship between your lifestyle and your health.



This smart nicotine patch sticks onto your arm or torso to monitor your cravings and dose you with nicotine before you even realise you need it, with the ultimate aim of helping you kick the habit.

Chrono is the first method of smoking cessation therapy that actually learns what triggers cravings. From stress, being around other smokers, or simply just drinking your morning coffee, Chrono uses its built-in sensors to keep track of when you need a hit of nicotine the most, and uses that information to tailor future doses.

Chrono also has Bluetooth connectivity which enables it to transmit all of your dosage data to a digital coaching app on your phone, which in turn will produce bespoke motivational content based on when you need it the most.

Learn more about Chrono here



This cardiac monitoring wearable fits comfortable on your body to capture electrocardiographic signals for real time monitoring and detection of cardio irregularities.

Nuubo combines real time beat-by-beat QRS detection with an algorithm to classify and detect ECG abnormalities in patients both with and without existing heart conditions.

Designed using textile electrode technology, Nuubo fits comfortably against your body with a strap to keep it in place, meaning you can continue to enjoy day-to-day freedom and normality while it goes about monitoring your stats.

All of Nuubo’s readings get transmitted wirelessly to a computer program so that you and your doctors can view them in real time, and are also backed up on an SD card for you to view at any time.

Learn more about Nuubo here.


Metria IH1

This adhesive health and fitness tracker sticks on your arm to gather fitness and lifestyle vitals for analysis by a variety of health and wellness professionals.

Like a regular fitness tracker, Metria IH1 gathers stats like step count, calorie burn, heart rate, and sleep levels, and sends them wirelessly to an app for analysis and goal-setting.

As well as being available within an app for you to see, the stats beam wirelessly to caregivers and other medical professionals to enable them to remotely monitor and manage numerous medical conditions.

The bandage itself has been developed to feel like a comfortable second skin that can be worn for 24 hours a day for up to seven days at a time. It’s waterproof, so you can swim, work out, and live life normally while it’s in place.

Learn more about Metria IH1 here.


Preventice Guardian

Guardian sticks to your skin like the Metria IH1 to discreetly collect your cardio data whilst you go about your normal life, then transmits it all wirelessly to clinicians and physicians for analysis.

Guardian monitors your ECG, heart rate, respiration rate, activity levels, and even body position. The data is almost instantly delivered to the Preventice Care Platform and Patient Care Portal, a cloud-based mHealth platform that professionals can access. They can also set thresholds for individual patients for customised monitoring.

Clinical applications include, for example, rhythm monitor to help understand the cardiac role of unexplained symptoms, or for use in conjunction with discharge from hospital for arrhythmia patients.

Learn more about Preventice Guardian here.


Moticon OpenGo Insoles

OpenGo are performance-enhancing insoles for your shoes embedded with movement, 3D acceleration, and temperature sensors that enable athletes and people rehabilitating from injury to monitor their technique and progress.

The 13 embedded pressure sensors track variables such as foot pressure, movement, accelerations patterns, and gait. This data gets automatically stored in the built-in data unit, and can be either viewed later on a computer, or in real time whilst working out in the gym, or whilst in a lab with a physician.

OpenGo could be worn by golfers wanting to check their foot pressure with each swing, runners who are working on improving their technique, or anyone recovering from an injury and trying to get on their feet again.

Learn more about OpenGo Insoles here.


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