Stay visible whatever the weather with these portable snap-on bike indicators.

Bikes have been on the road way longer than cars, so it seems kind of unfair that cyclists have to make do with the old-fashioned arm wave to indicate while cars get first dibs on all the latest tech upgrades. Not anymore, though…Enter WingLights.

WingLights are snap-on indicators for your standard bike’s handlebars that keep you safe and visible on the road. With two universal mounting units that cling on tight to your bars, strong amber bulbs and long-lasting batteries, they’re a convenient and no-fuss way to get your bike road-ready.

To indicate with WingLights, all you have to do is give the end of your handlebar a brisk tap. Whichever unit you tap will flash brightly in clear 360˚ view until you’ve turned safely. To make it stop, just tap it again.

Because of their sturdy aluminium build, WingLights are water and shock-proof for all-weather riding. That strong amber light will also be visible come rain or shine, so you’ll never have to resort to waving your arm into the oncoming traffic again.

When you’ve parked up at your destination, you can even take your WingLights with you. Just snap them off your handlebars, attach them to their karabiner clip by their built-in mangets and keep them on a keyring or in your pocket until you need them again.

You can grab a pair of WingLights from £22.99 here.