This ridiculously advanced thermometer from Withings should make beating the lurg a doddle.

Sick of languishing on the sofa in last week’s pyjamas – your nose stuffed with tissues and Lemsip breath so bad that even the dog can’t bear to be in your presence? Well, Withings is sending in the nursing cavalry with its new phone-synced smart thermometer, Withings Thermo.

Housing 16 infrared sensors and a Bluetooth connection, Withings Thermo can detect the hottest point on your temple in just three seconds, and transmit your temperature to an app on your phone for complete logging and tracking of your fever over time.

You don’t even have to poke it in any orifices – just hover it over temple or forehead for a quick, non-invasive reading. That also makes it a friendly tool for tracking kids and tots who don’t take kindly to being prodded with the thermometers of old. Even better – you can take a swift reading of your poorly little on while they’re sleeping without having to disturb them.

Withings ThermoIf you haven’t got your phone to hand to see the results beam in, the touch-sensitive display will show you everything you need to know about your reading, displaying colour-coded feedback via an array of tiny LED lights.

That’s all well and good, but what about the part where you get better? Well, the Withings Thermo app has a few extra nifty tricks up its sleeve to ward off the flu beast.

As well as being able to set phone reminders to take your temperature, you can also create a diary of your temperature, medication input, and symptoms. When you’ve garnered enough depressing data to prove you’re in need of serious intervention, you can send it over to your doctor for a more accurate diagnosis. those a little further up the scale when it comes to being morbidly fascinated by your own declining health, you can even sync Withings Thermo with the Apple Health app and document your sorry saga on there too.

And for the entire flu-prone family, Withings Thermo has the capacity to support multiple users. Just make sure you select a user before taking a reading. No need to worry about passing on germs because the thermometer is non-invasive and can be wiped clean.

Withings Thermo has just made its debut in the US and is on sale for $99.95. Withings says it should be hitting the rest of the world later, priced at £79.95 in the UK, but there’s no indication whether that means this year. You can sign up here to be among the first to know when it launches.