Although more and more of us are opting for wrist-wear with added tech credentials these days, it doesn’t mean we have to look like a tribute to Inspector Gadget.

Check out our pick of the best smartwatch launches from some of the biggest tech brand around that offer both cutting-edge tech and looks that won't raise an eyebrow in any company. The smartwatch has come of age...

Pebble Time RoundPebble Time Round

Bearers of delicate wrists take note, this slimmed down upgrade on Pebble’s popular smartwatch is the lightest, thinnest smartwatch in the world, with an eponymous round face which should appeal to those after more sophisticated wrist tech.

Pebble Round has a built-in microphone for voice notes and speedy replies, and links up with the calendar timeline in the smartphone app to give you a timeline of all your daily activities such as notifications, emails, and calls.

It has a vibrating motor for all your phone alerts, and connects to both Android and iOS. It’s splashproof, but not entirely waterproof, which we’re not too concerned about as it’s far too glamorous for us to ever think about submerging it in the washing up bowl.

It’s available in gold, silver, and rose gold, with a leather strap option.

Pebble Round is available in the UK for around £164, from Pebble.

Moto 360 Second Gen

New Moto 360

The New Moto 360 still has kept the classic, minimalistic round face of its predecessor, but has some exciting extra tricks up its sleeve, including iPhone pairing.

With a Live Dials shortcut, you can access all of you favourite apps in one place. It also has even more dials than before, like Shazam, which you can access at a touch.

Not forgetting its primary function, it always displays the time even when it kicks into power saving mode. This isn’t to the detriment of its battery life, though, as the Moto 360 will apparently soldier on for up to two days before needing juice. It comes with a wireless charger, which we’re beginning to fully expect these days.

Its fitness tracker will monitor your activity levels and send a weekly email summarising your progress – a motivational little extra we know you’ll appreciate.

It’s fully customisable, comes in a smaller size for women, and is, frankly, rather gorgeous.

Prices will vary, starting at around £229. To bling it up with a gold paint job, you’re going to be paying a little extra. Look out for its release at

Samsung Gear S2Samsung Gear S2

Whether you’re after a classic timepiece or a tastefully modern bit of wrist kit, the Gear 2 comes in three divine styles that’ll tempt even the most tentative of wearers.

Its rotating bezel lets you access notifications with a simple twist, whilst home and back buttons let you navigate those apps with ease.

Speaking of apps – how about checking out a restaurant review or tracking your run? Samsung has partnered with Yelp and Nike+ Running, amongst others, to give you more control over your life than ever.

With a fitness function that measures your pulse, tracks caffeine vs water intake, and counts your steps, it’ll help you set a fitness schedule and meet your personal goals.

Keep an eye out for price and release date at

Philips Health Watch

Philips Health Watch

The Philips Health Watch is more of a concept-in waiting, but it’s a fascinating step forward in health monitoring. The Philips may not be able to operate your car like the Apple Watch, but it can keep an eye on your vital signs, and alert your GP in the event of something unusual occurring. A real-life lifesaver…



Asus Zenwatch 2

This bold and beautiful upgrade on the Zenwatch is your fitness tracker and personal assistant in one.

With a built-in pedometer and activity tracker, it’ll give you regular activity reports to help achieve your fitness goals.

Its voice-activated Smart Assistant is on call to provide information or do your bidding, and there’s a Business Helper which lets you check your agenda, view your call log, and manage email.

With the Message function, you can send short messages, drawings, and emojis to friends at the tap of your fingertip.

It comes in three chic colours of stainless steel, and is available in two sizes, so it’ll suit the daintiest of wrists – not a feat all smartwatches can brag about.

It’ll cost €149 (£109) for the larger model with 1.6 inch display, and €169 (£123.65) for the 1.45 inch display. Keep an eye out at for its October release.

Huawei Smartwatch GoldHuawei smartwatch

With a barometer, heart rate monitor and daily activity tracker, the Huawei has already got off to a great start. But it’s got a ton of other cool functions that send it soaring to the top of our wish list.

Its faux winder not only takes you to the home screen, but is in the 2 o’clock position rather than the standard 3, which makes it more comfortable on your wrist and places it in a more natural position to press.

With a swipe to the left you can access your apps, and to the right, your contacts.


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It’s Pure Sapphire crystal façade makes it scratch-resistant, tough as a diamond and – quite literally – crystal clear.

With customisable interfaces and a gold version, we’re in love.

Prices range from $349 (£229) to $799 (£525). Now available to pre-order from or

Runtastic moment smartwatch

Runtastic Moment

If you’re after a fitness tracker but don’t fancy any of the standard bands on the market, Runtastic Moment is your answer.

This stylish alternative to a sports watch has a built-in activity tracker, monitoring steps, active minutes, and even your sleep cycle.

A handy progress indicator on the watch face provides your daily stats at a glance, and the watch also links up with the Runtasic running app to provide distance and calories burned.

If you want to be kept on your toes, you can set up a vibration alert to go off after periods of inactivity.

The Runtastic Moment is available from September 4 from Runtastic and other outlets including Amazon, priced between £99 and £149.


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